Small Business Grants in Cobb County

Cobb County Small Business Grants

Small Business Grants in Cobb County

We’re pleased to let you know that last night, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners approved two major aspects of the Small Business Grants.

First, they approved Round 1 of funding which was a list of 409 eligible small businesses from across Cobb County that had not received any federal assistance through the PPP program or SBA loans. An overview about these grant recipients is listed below and we will promote testimonials of these companies in the coming weeks. Thank you for all for your help in promoting the small business grants.

The second item approved by the Board of Commissioners last night was to extend the contract between the county and SelectCobb to expand the scope of the original small business grants. Here are a few details about this:

  • This means that we will have a Round 2 of small business grants which will be available to both businesses that did receive assistance from the PPP program or SBA loans and businesses that did not receive assistance from the PPP program or SBA loans.
  • They have also expanded the way companies can count employees by opening it up where companies can count both w-2 and 1099 employees towards their total employees by Tier.
  • The three Tiers remain the same (1 to 10 employees – Tier 1; 11 to 50 employees – Tier 2; and 51 to 100 employees – Tier 3).
  • The application window for Round 2 of the grants will be open on July 27th at 10:00am and it will close on August 21st at 5:00 pm.
  • If a business that has received PPP/SBA loans have already applied for the Small Business Grant, there will be no need for them to reapply. Our SelectCobb team we will be reaching out to each of them individually to let them know that their application is in queue to be considered or what changes need to be made to their application to make them eligible.
  • We are updating our marketing materials with these new details and will share them with you so you can help us promote this next round of small business grants to apply between July 27th and August 21st.


Stats for Grants – Round 1 (More rounds to come) Total Funded
City of Acworth 11 $   159,000.00
City of Austell 8 $   120,000.00
City of Kennesaw 15 $   291,000.00
City of Marietta 76 $1,438,000.00
City of Powder Springs 16 $   254,000.00
City of Smyrna 57 $1,037,000.00
District 1 80 $ 1,419,000.00
District 2 122 $ 2,293,000.00
District 3 115 $ 2,227,000.00
District 4 92 $ 1,540,000.00
Veteran Owned 8%
Woman Owned 53%
Minority Owned 56%
Tier 1 400 $ 7,199,000.00
Tier 2 8 $     240,000.00
Tier 3 1 $       40,000.00
Applications 409
Total Grants  $ 7,479,000.00



Thank you again for your help in promoting this and we look forward to the next round of small business grant funding for a much-needed boost to help their business overcome this crisis. A very special thank you to our Cobb Board of Commissioners, our SelectCobb team, our Chamber team, and the grants selection committee for all their hard work in this process!

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