Sector: Technology
Industry: Software as a Service/e-Learning
Mindmarker, LLC
Has been acquired and recapitalized by:
Mindmarker, LLC


 Mindmarker, LLC and its Netherlands affiliate Mindmarker, BV (collectively, “Mindmarker” or the “Company”), is the global leader in corporate training reinforcement and training sustainment, and it provides a SaaS-based platform that helps corporate clients and partners use their training content to create lasting behavior change.  


Mindmarker’s owner and CEO Kees Wurth had helped his brother Anthonie start Mindmarker but had not planned on the high level of involvement that became necessary. Kees had multiple business interests in addition to Mindmarker and wanted more time to spend with his family. Furthermore, Kees recognized the Company would benefit from new ownership with the resources to capitalize on growth opportunities, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Advisory Role

BCA was engaged by Mindmarker as its exclusive advisor in its sale process. After an extensive review of the e-Learning and corporate training industries, BCA ran a narrow sales process with a focus on potential buyers that had a similar vision and could complete a transaction with the timing and structure that suited Mindmarker.


Bravaldo Capital Advisors successfully sold Mindmarker to a privately held investment group.

Bravaldo Capital Advisors

Bravaldo Capital Advisors is a boutique Atlanta based mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance advisory firm, providing independent economic and financial advice and execution services for lower middle market companies in a variety of industries with revenues typically between $10 million and $300 million. BCA offers a full range of transaction and advisory services, guiding clients through sell-side transactions and exit strategy planning, growth through acquisition, debt restructuring and corporate recapitalization. The BCA team is a senior deal team with extensive knowledge and insight into the full life cycle of M&A and corporate finance engagements.