2024 is proving to be an attractive year for M&A, especially in the lower middle market. Ongoing consolidation activity, driven by financial buyers executing on buy and build, roll-up activity, has fueled deal volume. Over the past five years, financial buyers have increased their share of global M&A deal value and volume. Strategic buyers are anticipated to recapture headline activity in 2024. A continuing trend in the lower middle market is the attractiveness of founder-owned companies as acquisition targets. Founders are motivated to sell with favorable market conditions, stable valuations, and the opportunity to recapitalize and receive liquidity while diversifying their net worth. Buyers are drawn to these companies for their established business models, loyal customer bases, and the absence of prior external investors, which can simplify negotiations and transactions.

Should you sell your business before the end of the year? What industries have continued to thrive? What can buyers and sellers do to prepare for and mitigate the new FTC rulings on non-compete agreements?

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