On Thursday, November 30th, 2023, we joined hands with the Georgia Titan 100 and other distinguished guests for a day of service at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Our President, Don Bravaldo, was among those who actively participated in this impactful event. Together, we sorted and packed more than 8,979 pounds of food, providing a whopping 7,482 meals for those in need, just in time for the holiday season. We began the day with insightful talks from CEO Kyle Waid and CFO Debra Shoaf, who shed light on the Food Bank's crucial role in our community. Later, in the warehouse, our collective efforts highlighted our commitment to unity, servant leadership, and a culture centered around empathy and social responsibility. The Atlanta Community Food Bank serves as a vital lifeline for many in the fight against hunger in Atlanta and north Georgia. To discover more about their impactful work, please visit www.acfb.org. Don Bravaldo and the entire Titan 100 community are honored to support their essential mission.