Mindmarker Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: Bravaldo Capital Advisors Closed Transaction Announcement

November 30, 2018 – Bravaldo Capital Advisors, Inc. (“BCA”) is pleased to announce that its client, Atlanta-based Mindmarker, LLC and its Netherlands affiliate Mindmarker, BV (collectively, “Mindmarker”), has been acquired by Mindmarker Holdings, LLC, a newly formed corporation consisting of numerous investors.  Mindmarker is the global leader in corporate training reinforcement and training sustainment, and it provides a SaaS-based platform that helps corporate clients and partners use their training content to create lasting behavior change.

Kees Wurth, owner and CEO of Mindmarker, stated: “Choosing the right firm was a crucial decision.  We needed a firm that could successfully recapitalize our high-growth SaaS business.  Even more importantly, they had to find the right acquirer that shared our vision for the company and was committed to funding Mindmarker’s long-term growth objectives.  BCA exceeded our expectations on all fronts, helping us understand the current market for training reinforcement software solutions and achieving our desired valuation.”  Anthonie added, “I am grateful to BCA for finding an acquirer that will not only allow me to continue to provide thought leadership and share my passion, but one that truly understands our value proposition and has the expertise and resources to help the company execute our growth initiatives.”

Don Bravaldo, President of Bravaldo Capital Advisors, added “The Wurths and their team have created a revolution in the corporate training industry, and it’s no surprise to see the customer adoption and high growth rates that Mindmarker has achieved among leading Global Fortune 500 companies. We are grateful that they chose our firm to execute on this critical sale and recapitalization of the business, which also provided significant shareholder liquidity. We are also excited about where the new owners of Mindmarker are going to take this business!”

Mindmarker (www.mindmarker.com) Founded by Anthonie Wurth in 2013, Mindmarker is the global leader in training reinforcement and training sustainment.  Mindmarker helps corporate clients and partners use their training content to create effective, ongoing eLearning programs delivered through innovative SaaS-based mobile and desktop applications.  Mindmarker’s proven methodology was developed over a decade of research to address the various aspects of learning that are essential to achieving lasting behavior change.  Based in Smyrna, GA, with two additional offices in the Netherlands, Mindmarker serves corporate clients across the globe with a platform available in 21 languages.  During its more than five-year history, Mindmarker sold approximately 164,000 total software licenses, with revenues generated from more than 110 customers located in 28 countries.  Its proven results have led to it being sought out by top Fortune 500 Companies for new employee onboarding, sales training, leadership development, and other opportunities for employee growth.

Mindmarker Holdings, LLC is a newly formed holding company with lead investor Dave Froelich.  Dave has an MBA from the University of Chicago and spent 20+ years on Wall Street working closely with many of the world’s top institutions.  Co-investors include technology entrepreneurs and Private Equity investors.