Press Release

Closed Transaction Announcement
Bravaldo Capital Advisors
Have been refinanced with senior and subordinated debt financing from:
Salem Investment Partners

Bravaldo Capital Advisors, Inc. (“BCA”) is pleased to announce the successful refinancing of its clients ClassOne Equipment, Inc. and ClassOne Technology, Inc., collectively “ClassOne”, by Salem Investment Partners. ClassOne Equipment Inc. is an Atlanta, Georgia based supplier of high-quality, refurbished semiconductor equipment, and ClassOne Technology Inc. is a Kalispell, Montana based manufacturer of advanced wet-chemical process tools. Both companies serve cost-sensitive emerging markets, such as MEMS, Sensors, LEDs, optoelectronics, radio frequencies, and other emerging technologies. BCA arranged senior and subordinated debt financing which was used to pay off existing indebtedness and provide liquidity for working capital and growth.

Byron Exarcos, President and Founder of ClassOne noted, “The Company had initiated discussions with lenders prior to engaging with Bravaldo Capital Advisors. BCA implemented a process to find a partner, which also freed up management’s time to concentrate on the business, and was very successful in locating the right partner that believes in our company and its growth potential. Salem Investment Partners is truly a wonderful partner.”

Don Bravaldo, President of Bravaldo Capital Advisors, added, “We are very pleased to have worked with a great client with a growth-oriented, entrepreneurial management team. This helped tremendously in our ability to succeed for our client in sourcing the funding to complete this transaction. The new partnership between management and Salem will provide access to capital for continued growth of ClassOne.” 

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