Finding the right partner was everything to our Riegel management team. BCA did an exceptional job working with us to prepare for the sales process and ultimately to select an exceptional growth partner.

BCA was there for me when I received unsolicited interest from a strategic acquirer. While we know a lot about our industry and business, there was a lot we found we did not know about mergers and acquisitions. Ultimately, BCA’s counsel to conduct a limited, strategic process was beneficial and offered me the best outcome that I did not think was possible, nor could I have achieved on my own. BCA did an outstanding job leading us throughout the process, negotiating the deal, and getting the transaction closed.

As any business founder knows, selling can and is an emotional roller coaster. I appreciated having an advisor I could truly rely on throughout the process to provide sound counsel and who delivered on their promises.

Mount Vernon Mills is rarely a seller. In this case, our consumer products division became less important to our core operations and growth plan. BCA gave great advice on maximizing the sale and on how to position the business as a stand-alone acquisition opportunity.

There were many challenges to overcome when we finally decided to sell, but BCA had our backs and kept the process moving. Our goal was not simply to maximize valuation; we also wanted to find a buyer that would take care of our employees. Ultimately, BCA guided us to a successful closing with our preferred choice of buyer.

While we knew what it takes to build a world class E-commerce business, as far as considering strategic options and choosing the right partner to sell to, we absolutely found the right advisor in BCA.

We were approached by Alpine…we knew we needed to hire a professional M&A advisory firm that would be responsive and guide us through a complex transaction. After engaging with Don and his team, BCA was able to step in quickly, negotiate a deal that exceeded our financial goals and ensure a successful closing under a tight timeline.

Bravaldo Capital Advisors executed a process to sell Brightmoor to a third party.  Furthermore, BCA worked smoothly with our multiple shareholders, including owners who often had diverging individual expectations, and their team was a big help in positioning Brightmoor for future growth.

BCA helped us prepare to market the business, orchestrating a competitive sales process, negotiating all facets of the deal and ensuring a closing on our desired timeline.

BCA prepared us at the beginning of the engagement for potential challenges during the diligence process. They were able to step in quickly to provide critical insight and analysis that preserved transaction value. I am grateful to BCA for all the work they accomplished to help ensure our team completed a successful transaction.

Choosing the right firm was a crucial decision. They had to find the right acquirer that shared our vision for the company and was committed to funding Mindmarker’s long-term growth objectives. BCA exceeded our expectations on all fronts, helping us understand the current market for training reinforcement software solutions and achieving our desired valuation.

I respect the professionalism and appreciated the optimism of the firm, and am grateful for the devotion of BCA’s resources so fully and completely.

This deal is a rare win-win-win. BCA helped manage a challenging process as the companies were from different countries. It took a great team effort from everyone involved, and BCA helped bring it together.

BCA parachuted in to aid us with an unsolicited strategic offer. They provided critical advice and leverage in our negotiations which led to dramatic improvements in valuation, structure and an optimal outcome for our shareholder(s).

We were approached by a key customer who wanted to bring our capabilities in-house and BCA was able to step in quickly to provide critical insight and analysis that increased transaction value and reduced my post-transaction risk. I am grateful to BCA for all the work they accomplished to help ensure our team completed a successful transaction on our desired timeline.